Bauble & Hoop

Creator of gutsy rings to bring out the magnificence of the wearer. 

One of a kind beautiful rings to make every outfit special.



I try to update my website shop regularly, but to be honest it is a convoluted and tortuous process.  It requires the focus of chess master, with the stragety planning of a military campaign.  Needless to say in my (ahem) middle age these abilities (if I ever had them) have most likely evaporated out of my pores during a hot flush.  And I am rubbish at admin, so I am always a little behind.  Also it doesn’t help that everytime I sit down I get a dog in my lap.  However, my Etsy shop is always up to date as their update process is more streamlined.  Here is the link if you are not seeing anything interesting on my website…Etsy link 

Resizing Rings

I am happy and able to resize most rings.  However, there are a few exceptions,  if there are multiple stones in the ring then, no I can’t resize.  Or if the stone is fragile, then I can’t risk it. If unsure, just ask.  I am very nice. 

I am happy to take commissions! Make your own creation