Turquoise Spiny Oyster & Copper Sterling Silver Ring UK Size P


Beautifully Boho Ring. Turquoise, spiny oyster and copper cabochon (31 x 19mm) set in sterling silver.

Ring Handmade in the UK
Gemstone from USA
Silver Hallmarked London. UK Size P



History of Turquoise and Spiny Oyster
In ancient times turquoise was traded from desert regions from desert regions such as, Sinai and Tibet. It is believed to be a purifying stone and was worn by gentlemen of the Renaissance period to ward off accidents. In many cultures the blue of the turquoise is combined with red/orange stone to harness the combined protection of heaven and Earth.

Spondylus, which the scientific name for spiny oyster, means “thorns on the back” and is an apt name for this exquisite product of Mother Nature. In order to make wearable pieces. each spine must be ground away without damaging the beautiful color and interesting texture on the surface of the shell. It is found in a rainbow of colors from yellow and orange to purple and looks smashing with turquoise, hence Native Americans are known to add spiny oyster shell to their jewelry designs.


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