Tibetan Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring UK Size S


Stunning statement ring. Triangle shaped Tibetan turquoise cabochon (25mm x 24mm) set in Sterling silver and hallmarked London. UK Size S


Tibetan Turquoise is most sought after by Nepalese and Tibetan people for its spiritual powers as well as its beauty. … “Gyu” (pronounced “yu”) is the name for Turquoise to the Tibetans, it is indigenous and they feel knowledge from the mineral comes from within the Turquoise and not through outside influences. Tibetan turquoise has a slightly different turquoise meaning. Turquoise stones from China have a green turquoise color. Men and women wear jewelry made with these green turquoise gemstones to signify devotion, protectiveness and fidelity to their partner or lover. Tibetan turquoise given as a gift to a friend carries yet another turquoise meaning. It is believed that green turquoise given to a friend will bring good fortune to the friend.


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