Chrysocolla & Blue Matrix Opal Sterling Silver Ring UK L


Statement Ring. Chrysocolla and blue matrix opal cabochons 36mm x 18.5mm set in Sterling Silver Hallmarked London. UK Size L


Chrysocolla is found all over the world specifically Indonesia, UK, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.  Chrysocolla has been prized and used since ancient times.  The colour ranges from light green to deep blue.  Chrysocolla is known as the ‘teaching stone’ and encourages us to reveal our highest knowledge so that others may benefit from our experiences. 

Matrix opal is as its name a network of streaks or in between smudge grains of the ferruginous sandstone. Matrix encompasses precious milk-glass silica as a filling of pore spaces in the stone. … Matrix Opal enkindles optimism and clears emotional body as it acts as a prism within the aura of the wearing person.


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