About me

Inspiring individuality one ring at a time

You are unique individual - celebrate it

I am thrilled that everyone who wears my rings knows that they are getting a unique piece jewellery as individual and special as they are.

-Victoria Lovell

Designer & Maker
Bauble and Hoop

Before I created Bauble and Hoop, I was a sculptor, a lover of history, a museum junkie and a dabbler in jewelery making. I am inspired by ancient artifacts and a lifetime of admiring semi-precious stones.

Historically, rings were used for protection, expressions of devotion, proof of authority and containers of power (i.e., “you may kiss the ring of the king/queen/pope.”).  Some earliest examples of rings are from Ancient Egypt they were made of reed and symbolised eternity.  Stone rings were not uncommon in ancient times. These were not metal rings set with stones, but rings cut from solid stone. The circle was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end, not only to the Egyptians, but many other ancient cultures. The hole in the center of the ring also had significance. It wasn’t just considered a space, but rather a gateway, or door; leading to things and events both known and unknown.  The more I learned the more I wanted to contribute to this tradition by making my own rings and share my love of stones with others and add my own magic to the custom of wearing rings.

However…Though I love working with my hands, my hands are not your typical pretty and dainty feminine hands. I sculpt, garden, clean, build things, care for dogs and dishes.  Though my hands are small they are well muscled and strong.   Most rings look ridiculous on me and are uncomfortable to wear. But I discovered when I made a ring for myself I felt the ring really made my hands something more, more attractive, less work-like, maybe even more of a hand of an artist? I thought maybe it was the fact I had made the ring for myself and it was pride talking.  But other people noticed my ring and commented how well my hands looked.  And when I made rings for several friends, they said similiar things.  People who would never wear anything so large or colourful, found that wearing my very large and colourful rings made them feel more confident and bold.


It has not been a straight path for me.  Juggling three careers, I had no idea how a fourth career was going to fit  in.  I had to make some hard decisions about what I really wanted from my life.   So far a very successful run as a sculptor and nearly 10 years as a gallery owner and 15 years as a lecturer was under my belt.  But due to my constant juggling act and never having enough time to care for myself properly my health was starting to show the strain.  I was anxious all the time and frequently got colds.   In spite of all of this  somehow over the last two years I chipped away at my dream to make rings.  Took lessons on setting stones, slowly gathered the tools, developed a business plan and just believed it would happen one day.

Then that day came. 

I can’t tell you specifically what pushed me over the edge. But one day I just had enough, as they say.  I could see so clearly what needed to be done and rolled up my sleeves.  I knew for certain I did not want the stress that my life had become no matter how successful I was and that I had to walk away if I wanted pursue my passion for making rings.  I have not looked back.  The response to my collections has been extraordinary.

Never give up on your dreams.